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Health care fraud has made national headlines recently as Medicare Fraud Strike Force teams containing individuals from the FBI, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Justice, and local law enforcement took down over 240 doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who participated in Medicare fraud schemes. These false billings totaled nearly $712 million. As a result, healthcare professionals all over the nation face intensified scrutiny from federal investigators, leading to many more incidents of Medicare fraud charges.

If you are facing charges, enlist the skilled assistance of a Miami Medicare fraud lawyer from Rothman & Associates, P.A. Our firm is dedicated to advocating on your behalf and defending you from charges of health care fraud and other white collar crimes.

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What Is Medicare Fraud?

Medicare helps patients pay for the services of a medical professional. If a medical professional bills the government for a larger amount than the services they actually delivered, they could be charged with fraud. Consequences of such a charge are steep and could result in the loss of medical licensing, stiff fines, or even imprisonment.

Take a look at some examples of actions that could constitute Medicare fraud charges:

  • Prescribing unnecessary medications, equipment, or procedures
  • Billing for unnecessary medications, equipment, or procedures
  • Billing twice
  • Falsifying cost reports or Medicare claims
  • Prescription drug diversion

These are just some of the ways that a health care professional may be charged with Medicare fraud. Miami is cracking down on Medicare fraud, in part due to the large amount of retirees who take up residence in the city. These retirees generally pay for their health care services with Medicare and can be easily taken advantage of.

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Miami Medicare fraud attorneys from Rothman & Associates, P.A. have represented doctors, nurses, hospitals, and other health care professionals and organizations in cases concerning health care fraud. By analyzing evidence with a team of specialists, our firm can help prove that certain inconsistencies don’t necessarily mean that you, the health care provider, were maliciously intending to defraud the Medicare system. If you are facing charges of Medicare fraud, talk to the skilled Miami criminal defense lawyers from Rothman & Associates, P.A.

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