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We are led by Miami criminal defense attorney David B. Rothman, a recognized leader in the legal field. Attorney Rothman and Attorney Michael McCrossen are both former prosecutors who understand how the criminal justice system works on both sides of the court. David is also a Board Certified Criminal Trial Advocacy Specialist and Criminal Trial Lawyer by the National Board of Trial Advocacy and by The Florida Bar Board of Legal Specialization and Education, respectively. This specialization gives him the right to refer himself as an expert in this area of the law. Our Martindale-Hubbell® AV® Rated firm is proud to have his expertise and leadership.

Defending Individuals Facing Internet Criminal Charges in FL

The FBI has special Internet agents, and federal prosecutors have teams of attorneys working exclusively on Internet crimes. Even if you have done nothing wrong, or didn’t know you were involved in an illegal activity, you may be at serious risk. If you are under investigation or have been charged with Internet crime, seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity. Please contact our Miami internet crimes lawyer if you would like to discuss your situation with one of our attorneys. We serve clients throughout the United States.

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Our Miami internet crimes attorneys are led by attorney David Rothman, a former prosecutor who is also a board-certified criminal defense specialist. Beginning with the initial advice for a client and continuing through representation at pre-trial hearings, trial, and appeals, we are at all times aware of the risks our clients face if they are even charged with an online crime. We will do all we can to protect our client’s reputation and employment during the legal process.

Internet crimes encompass a wide range of charges, including but not limited to:

  • Child PornographyYou can be prosecuted for downloading allegedly pornographic or obscene materials, such as child porn, or for possessing such materials at home or at work. Depending on the charges and the evidence, we may defend you by showing that the material was not obscene and therefore not illegal, that the wrong person was arrested, or that the evidence was collected in an illegal search and seizure, and is therefore inadmissible. Charges involving possession or distribution of child pornography can destroy your future if not handled appropriately. Make sure you have a skilled lawyer on your side.
  • Online Child Solicitation: When investigating charges involving the solicitation of a minor over the Internet, our firm evaluates techniques that law enforcement used in obtaining evidence. Many times, these cases arise from an online conversation between the individual and an undercover agent in an Internet chat room. We work to prove that the conduct was illegal entrapment and that the evidence, therefore, cannot be used against our client.
  • Internet Fraud / Cyber Fraud: Charges of using the Internet to commit fraud may stem from solicitations for online investments, alleged pyramid scams, or offers to employ people to work from home, particularly if the offer suggests a guaranteed return. One aspect of our investigation as defense counsel would be to examine the charges and the evidence to determine if government agents working undercover on the Internet actually engaged in illegal entrapment. Other computer fraud charges involve online identity theft and credit card fraud.
  • Internet Gambling: One of the largest online economic activities is Internet gambling. Sometimes it is unclear whether the activities are illegal. If this factor is in dispute in your situation, our lawyers will work with you to gather proof that no crime has been committed.
  • Online Pharmacies and Drug Sales: Our lawyers have represented pharmacies and doctors accused of illegal involvement in online sales of prescription drugs.

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When internet crimes are involved, law enforcement and government agencies have massive investigative resources. With expert technicians and other specially-trained staff, they are able to access files and whatever information they need from your hard drive, even if it has supposedly been cleaned or deleted.

If you are under investigation, it is crucial that you have a trusted defense firm at your back. Rothman & Associates, P.A. has served the community for more than 40 years, and has the experience and resources to fight on your behalf.

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"People Come To Me When Either Their Freedom Or Their Legal Career Is At Stake."

-David B. Rothman, P.A.

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Facing a criminal accusation is definitely among one of the most frightening situations to be in. At Rothman & Associates, P.A., our lawyers have been defending accused individuals throughout Miami-Dade County for more than 4 decades. Our criminal lawyers in Miami have a long-standing reputation for providing hard-hitting criminal defense that is always professional and passionate. We have served individuals and businesses in some of the most complex charges. We can challenge any incriminating evidence used against you by seeking the help of leading forensic accountants, handwriting analysts, private investigators, and computer experts.

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David B. Rothman a Board Certified Criminal Trial Advocacy Specialist and Criminal Trial Lawyer recognized by the National Board of Trial Advocacy and by The Florida Bar Board of Legal Specialization and Education, respectively. This specialization gives him the right to refer himself as an expert in this area of the law. Our Martindale-Hubbell® AV® Rated firm is proud to have his expertise and leadership.

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