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Mortgage fraud is especially common due to the recession, which has affected financial and housing divisions in the economy. While the market is beginning to recover, mortgage fraud is still an issue. With heightened fraud awareness, many lenders and mortgage servicers are being inaccurately charged in mortgage fraud and erroneously implicated in schemes.

If you have been implicated or charged with mortgage fraud, talk to a Miami criminal defense attorney with a history of success. Our firm is more than capable of defending your rights and advocating for justice on your behalf. Every case is tailor-fit to your needs and suited to your circumstances. We have successfully defended hundreds of fraud cases and would be proud to represent you!

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Florida Mortgage Fraud Laws

Charges of mortgage fraud are a serious matter that could result in enormous fines and years of imprisonment. Florida laws outline elements of mortgage fraud in the Florida Statutes and defines it as a crime that occurs during the mortgage lending process. This process includes many stages such as applications for loans, deeds, mortgages, appraisals, and inspections.

The Florida Statutes determine whether or not a person is guilty of mortgage fraud by the following:

  • If the person intended to defraud
  • If the person intentionally provided false or misleading information during the mortgage process
  • If the person intentionally used any of the above information during the mortgage process
  • If the person gained compensation due to their false or misleading information
  • If the person filed a mortgage document containing false and misleading information

Federal punishments for mortgage fraud convictions can include fines of up to $1,000,000 and up to 30 years in prison. Our experienced attorneys know that each case is different. Some cases may even be pursued on a federal level. Our firm has the expertise to handle whatever charges you may face.

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Take immediate action if you have been charged with mortgage fraud. Our skilled legal team will focus our attention on the specific needs of your case and draft a case that takes your circumstances into account. Miami mortgage fraud attorneys backed by over four decades of legal experience can represent individuals charged with state and federal crimes. Our results-driven advocacy has established us as a trustworthy and successful criminal defense firm.

With representation from Rothman & Associates, P.A., you can rest assured that your rights will be efficiently advocated for and that your charges will be fought against. With a lead attorney backed by a history as a criminal prosecutor, our firm has the unique advantage of expertise in both sides of a court, and can use that knowledge to your benefit.

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